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BattleBrew Productions is a feisty crew of creators and crafters working on the next generation of games in the sunny island of Singapore.

We’re ready for battle, and always brewing something new!


Meet the Team



Shawn Toh | "Moscomuffy"

Lead Design & Biz Stuff

I handle design and business stuff. I'm also the janitor. I like mala hotpot, spicy dumplings and pasta.

Not together, though.

My head is so shiny it can reflect lasers. Maybe.

Favourite Games:
Final Fantasy Tactics, Stardew Valley, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Diablo


Benjamin Chua

Lead Programmer

Hello! I am the lead code plumber.I make sure game systems are built right and run correctly and data flows in the least traumatic way from 1 part of the game to another.

Favourite Games:
Final Fantasy 6, Planescape: Torment,Baldur's Gate 2, Stellaris, Rimworld


Charissa Chandra

Lead 2D Artist

I handle concepts, illustrations, and everything 2D. I love drawing cute stuff that also makes people confused and horny. I think that's the highest praise.

I like sushi, noodles, and the cheese-tomato-carb combo. I also like owls.

My dream is to own a shophouse so I can serve whatever I cook up downstairs and then retreat into my studio upstairs ++

Favourite Games:
Okami, TWEWY, Ace Attorney series, Persona series, Arknights, ACNH, Borderlands 2, Spiritfarer

Lee Linci | "Two Birds"

Designer & Level Design

I spend too much time in sandbox and RPG games. If it lets you build, I will go nuts; I'm one of those maniacs whose passion is also my dayjob and as you can tell, I enjoy level design too much. I also like talking about tools that will make my job easier, both in game at at work.

I am sustained by any dish that includes Sichuan peppers or sizeable quantities of meat, and the moral support of 2 cats. Sadly I don't actually have 2 birds, but sometimes I do feel like 2 birds sharing the same braincell.

Favourite Games:
Castlevania: SOTN, Valheim, Cyberpunk 2077, FFXIV, Assassin's Creed II




I like dabbling in system design where I come up with a extensive list of specifications and then jump straight to writing it from scratch.

I like nerding out about mechanics in games, especially stuff I've never seen before. I live for resource gathering games with decent automation that gives you a ton of
decorative freedom.

Favourite Games:
The Witness, Raft, ACNH,The Wandering Village, Stray


Zoe Thong

VFX Artist

I do mainly the vfx stuff! But i also do bits of the general 3d stuff like modelling and animation.

My real passion lies in sleeping, eating cakes and petting cattos.

Favourite Games:
Genshin Impact, Rune Factory,Hamtaro series, Tetris, Splatoon


Lydia Rosette Teo | "Lyroia"

Game Designer

I mainly work as a designer, but occassionally gets called on by Shawn to work on marketing stuff. *panic*

I can't live without carbs, sleep and tea; and no, I did not dye that section of my hair white... I'm just growing old.

If I'm not at work, you'll find me enjoying a myriad of hobbies like dancing, drawing and plamo building.

Favourite Games:
Harvest Moon, Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Heartbreak, This War of Mine, Pyre, Taiko no Tatsujin


Sebastian Kuah | DarthForte

Lead Programmer

I'm the resident action game junkie so I can often be found working on combat or bugging design about combat related matters.

I also love tabletop RPGs and would love to run a Shadowrun campaign someday...

My dream is for the world to become a Cyberpunk dystopia so I can become a human blender.

Favourite Games:
Devil May Cry 5, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, Yakuza 0, Fallout: New Vegas, Cyberpunk 2077


Eve Loh | e3v8e

3D Artist

Modelling, Animation & Rigging is my PASSION...I think...sweats!

My chihuahua is my happy pill and one of the only few things that makes me happy!

Favourite Games:
Bendy and the Ink Machine, Mario Party, Inscryption, Harvest Moon, Little Nightmare, Stardew Valley


Aixian | "Lovesalt"

Design & QA

I enjoy doing mockups and flows of systems, so that is what I mainly do here.

I am also cursed.. Blessed? with the gifts of QA. Bugs happen to me all the time.

Oh, and I really love tofu.

Favourite Games:
Tamagotchi Connection: Corner Shop, Animal Crossing New Leaf/Horizons, Rune Factory 4, Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns


Amber Chan

3D Artist

3d is love, 3d is life.

I enjoy all things music, discovering new bands and sounds. I also have a chonky tuxedo cat which I like to bother a lot and...milk puddings are amazing!

Favourite Games:

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings, Genshin Impact, Before Your Eyes, Apex Legends

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