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From the multi-award winning studio, BattleBrew Productions, comes Noodle SouperStar - a game in which you help your adorable bunny smolian friends run a restaurant focusing on noodle dishes!

The core game has you learning the ropes at a ramen shop, eventually progressing to multiplayer battles where you face off against other contestants in a head-to-head competition to impress judges with your cooked dishes.





Single player campaign focusing on running a ramen shop

Multiplayer battles where you challenge other players to timed battles with different cooking conditions!

Decoratable and customisable shop

Make your restaurant truly your own!

Expansions include food from other cuisines; Learn how to make BangBang Mian, Mee Soto, Laksa, Matzo balls, Bolognese Spaghetti and possibly many others!


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